Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Marvel Beginnings II - Hobgoblin

Big screw up here: this is an obvious riff on Amazing Spider-man #238 and...I forgot to notate "after John Romita, Jr" under my signature. Dumb!
I clearly remember almost doing it (as I have always done in the past), but I believe I was going to do a web-check to make sure it was indeed JR JR (memory not always being accurate), and somehow must have got side-tracked.
So, sorry to Upper Deck (who shouldn’t have approved the card, actually), Romita Jr, and anyone looking at it.

The 27th of 51 sketch cards done for the Marvel Beginnings, Series II, trading card series by Upper Deck.

The Hobgoblin, firstly/originally known as Roderick Kingsley, created by Roger Stern and John Romita
First appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #238, 1983

Sketch card
March 2o12

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