Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mars Attacks Heritage - Martians Approaching

Cards 39 and 40 of 106 sketch cards done for the Mars Attacks Heritage trading card series by Topps.

A riff on Martian Approaching, card #2 of the original Mars Attacks cards set.

With a large stack of cards to do in a short period of time I tried something new here. Repeating, yet tweaking, images and playing with grey tones.

Mars Attacks cards first appeared in 1962, conceived and produced by Len Brown, Woody Gelman, Wally Wood, Bob Powell and Norman Saunders.
The Heritage card series is celebrating the 50th anniversary, which is now already reportedly sold out.
© Topps

Sketch card
April 2o12

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Sandhya Higgins said...

You are very talented...these are great! :)